Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Give Them What They Want

Look closely at the pictures on this entry, friends, family, and visitors.

All off these photos -
save for one that I took myself a month ago - are from today.

After the death, destruction and kidnappings in northern Israel wrought and caused by Hizbullah today, and seeing pictures on CNN and the BBC of Palestinians and Lebanese dancing and celebrating in the streets...even, God damn it, children dancing and celebrating and handing out candies, as if murder and war are sweet things (it reminds me of what I saw on 9/11)...there is only one thing that I can wish for them...

It grieves me to say it. Because I don't like the place that it comes from inside of me. It's not the first time I've felt this way. It's not the first time I've said it. And while I grieve it, I'm not ashamed of it. How can I be ashamed, with such sweet old ladies like this one below representative of whom I speak? I speak, of course, of Israel's enemies.

What I wish for them is death. I'm not proud to say it. But say it, I must. I suffer no illusions about what granny above thinks of me, as a Jew, an American or an Israeli citizen.

They seem to like death so much. They seem to celebrate death so much. So let them have it. They want it. So give it to them. Before they can blow themselves up on buses or in restaurants, before they can teach their children the virtues of murder and lullabies of death, give it to them.

If they want to celebrate death instead of life...if they want to celebrate murder, rather than condemn it...let them celebrate in hell. The moment they cherish life as much as we do...well, that'll be a great day. The moment they condemn political murder in the name of Arab-Islamic nationalism not simply as harmful to their national interests, but evil...that'll be a great day.

Until then...we must fight.

We must fight, because they teach their children songs about killing Jews - if you don't believe me, google MEMRI.

They can spend millions on war and on terrorism while their people starve, and they can blame America and Israel for their poverty. They can pay for bullets and bombs, but not pay teachers and doctors. They can buy Katyushas from Iran and AK-47s from Syria, but deliberately choose not to feed their own people. They would rather build rockets than build a respectable state to call their own.

Their mantra? Millions for terror and war, not one cent for peace.

And you know what? Their people don't mind. They accept it. If they didn't accept it, then the examples of joy in these pictures wouldn't exist.

Yes, they accept it, as Americans and Britons accepted rationing during the Second World War. Only, instead of the Germans, Austrians, Romanians and others, Israel's current enemies are the Nazis now. They are the anti-Semites planning and cheering the deaths of Jews. And they are planning the deaths of Americans of any religion, for that matter. Remember 9/11? Or how about what happened on October 23, 1983, when Hizbullah - the very same group that carried out today's acts - killed 242 United States Marines in Beirut in a barracks bombing?

Who financed Hizbullah at the time, and still finances and arms Hizbullah to this day? That great arbiter of peace in the Middle East, the Islamic Republic of Iran. With a little help from their friends, the Syrians.

I just had to take this picture when I was walking around Vienna on June 10.

Speaking of Iran, Tehran just got referred to the Security Council over the nuclear issue.

Anyways....Hamas runs the Palestinian Authority. Thus, an attack by Hamas - such as kidnapping soldiers - is an attack by the Palestinian Authority on Israel. Hizbullah sits in the Lebanese parliament. Beirut refuses to abide by UN Security Council resolutions to disarm groups like Hizbullah and take back control of the country's south. Hizbullah, sitting as a "Party of God" in the Lebanese government, launched missiles, and then killed and kidnapped soldiers today.

That, children, is called an act of war.

That's nothing to celebrate.

May God grant to Israel's enemies the peace of death.


Anonymous said...

couldnt agree with you more. Insight from the inside.....

Adil Sardar said...

I really wish I could appologize for my fellow Muslims in Lebanon, but I know those would be crocodile tears. They have in them a great hatred of Isreal, when in reality they should be focusing their fustrations on their own repressive regime. There repressive society and their thought process.

I have read a few of your blog entries and I believe they are extremely accurate and I greatly appreciate that you have written them.

I can understand the hatred in Lebanon, but what surprises me most is that the same hatred exists in our own mosques in Canada. That scares me the most. We in Canada live in the equivalent of paradise, yet our concerns are about condemning Isreal. Sitting here, we can clearly see that Isreal has shown great restraint and usually worked hard to pursue peace even at their own peril.

Accept my apology as another human being rather than a Muslim. I hope you remain safe.

Avram said...

Adil - with people like you in this world, co-existence is very much a possibility and not a dream ... good on you mate.