Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Tale of a Saturday Afternoon

I decided, for a change, to do more than one post this day. I will share with you now a little ditty of a not-so-adventurous adventure to get lunch.

Predictably, it was a Saturday during which I made the pilgrimage to McDonald’s, having only Trix in the house. I left my apartment around 2:25 pm, and as I was walking I noted that another storm could be coming in. We’ve had a few recently, real lightning and thunder jobs, but luckily I left my apartment prepared not only with my camera, but with my umbrella.

As I was walking to McDonald’s, I passed a bus stop that caught my eye. I’d seen it spray-painted with graffiti before, and had pretty much every time wished I’d had my camera to get a shot of it. I took the picture I wanted.

But not long after that, right as I approached an intersection where two people were talking in International Red Cross vehicles, I saw a little bit more graffiti that I had to chuckle at and of course take a picture of; when one of those two Red Cross people walked by me having finished their conversation as I pulled out my camera, she saw what I was taking a picture of and chuckled too.

I finally reached Emek Refaim St., with my destination in sight: that Mecca of American fast-food consumerism, McDonald’s. What can I say, I’m a loyal American junk food consumer.

I went inside – the lobby was packed – and ordered a McShawarma meal, super-sized, with a Coke and fries.
It was glorious. It was tasty. And now I’m full, until tonight. I polished off the meal entirely, aside from the drink which I took home with me.

That’s it for now.

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