Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Who's Calling the Shots Now, Eh?

Folks, I gotta tell ya...I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now.


I'll tell you.

Did you harbor any doubts I would?

And no, this isn't an April Fool's Day thing.

Take a look at this commentary, written by John R. Lott, Jr. for FoxNews.com. It's called "The 'Recession' is a Media Myth", and it was published March 31, 2008:


Now, assuming you haven't already done so, go back in time, in my own blog, and read "It's the End of the World (but it isn't)!"...written January 23, 2008:


If you haven't already gotten the point, I'll...point...it out to you.

I was ahead of the game, there. I hit the ball out of the park, and I knew where it would go. I paved the way.

Call me The Pioneer.

But that's not all, kids...

As I blogged on March 14,

"I would love to see millions upon millions of Americans purchase a hearty supply of fuel containers, fill 'em up with a month's - or even a week and a half's - worth of gasoline, and then let the oil companies squirm from lack of continued business. I'd love to see sit-in-car strikes at gas stations, where people fed up with ever-rising prices refuse to move their cars until something significant is done. Refuse to move their cars, and refuse to buy anything - anything at all from the convenience store. I'd love to see such things happen, but it likely won't."

Of course, as you surely remember, O Wonderful and Adoration-filled Audience O'Mine, that paragraph is from the blog entry written prior to the one you are reading now, and it was called
"We're Fueling Taxation Without Representation". And while what follows is not, exactly, the same thing - and very well may be an April Fool's Day stunt - the undeniable fact is that I called for a "strike" in protest of rising gas prices before news broke of a possible strike, by truckers, sparked by painfully high gas (in this case, diesel) prices:

FoxNews: At Up to $1,200 a Fill-Up, Truckers to Strike Over Record Diesel Prices

NewsChannel 5, Nashville, Tennessee: Truck Drivers Threaten To Strike On April Fool's Day

USA Today: Truckers to protest fuel costs

I'm not, by any means, claiming to be a modern-day Nostradamus (though it is worth noting that his family had Jewish roots). Nor could I ever hope to have the sort of wisdom of
שלמה המלך (King Solomon). I'm not even going to go much into how I called for Egypt to take back the Gaza Strip - at least, raised the suggestion - way back on June 15, 2007, in "Oh My, Gaza!" , half a year before noted Mideast commentator Daniel Pipes said "Give Gaza Back to Egypt" in The Jerusalem Post on January 30, 2008.

I'll just let you look on your own.

Anyway, when perusing the news on a Monday's evening, and you find that once again, you've been ahead of the game - ahead of others - in a manner most pleasing to yourself and your ego, well...as others catch up - 'cause that's what they're doing, chilluns - you can't help but feel justified in claiming that you are "Awesomeness" personified.

The word "Awesome" made flesh.

So help me - and endlessly Thank - God.

"What do you think of the nerve of that big monkey. Imagine the guy calling his shot and getting away with it." - Lou Gehrig, on Babe Ruth's famous "called shot" home run of October 1, 1932 during the 5th inning of Game 3 of the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs, played at Wrigley Field

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