Monday, October 16, 2006

"We the People" Keep Growing

On Tuesday, October 17, 2006, the United States of America will reach a population of 300 million. I could write something really, really long and well-written about this momentous event. I could wax poetic about the changes America has gone through since 1915, when the U.S. population reached 100 million people. To see the differences between today and 1967, when the U.S. population reached 200 million, I will simply direct you to certain websites, such as CNN, which has a great graphic on the subject.

Or, you can click on one of the two links provided to see what the U.S. Census Bureau has to say on the subject:

Nation’s Population to Reach 300 Million on Oct. 17

Facts and Figures

For now, I’ll keep it short myself (I can hear the collective sigh of relief) and let the late, great Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra say a thing or two as well (click on the embedded YouTube video).

There are a lot people in the world who dislike, or outright hate America. We know this. We’re reminded of this on a daily basis. At the same time though, there are still apparently enough people both inside of America, and who yearn to immigrate to the United States from outside of it, who see enough good in it, enough opportunity provided by it, to keep it going – and to keep it younger than an ageing Europe and Japan. Sure, China might have over a billion people – but it’s also got 800 million living in abject poverty.

Those cynics who think there isn’t all that much to celebrate in the embattled, embittered America of today need only look at the numbers. As one newspaper commentary I read last week put it, "America has 300 million reasons to celebrate." Yep.

300 million reasons to still hope for, and work toward, a better future. 300,000,000 reasons to be optimistic.

Why? Well this week - and all of the time, really - it’s "especially the people" who we owe thanks to.

"The House I Live In", version 1974 - Frank Sinatra

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